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 Mrs. Angie Daugherty
Transportation Director
Activity Buses
Fountain Central offers activity buses to transport students back to our communities following their after-school activities. See below for details.
What:  Activity buses home from practices
Who:  All FC students involved in after-school activities
When:  Each weekday evening.  Bell rings at 5:30 - this signals that the bus will leave in 15 minutes (5:45).
No Cost:  Free, but school bus rules apply
Bus # 1 drop off locations
Methodist Church in Hillsboro
Post office in Wallace
Church in Kingman (by the grocery store)
Bus #6 drop off locations
Sterling Park
Post office in Veedersburg
Ceres lot in Stone Bluff
Post office in Newtown
Post office in Mellott
Maintenance Team
Bus Drivers
 Bus 1
Taylor Hands
 Bus 2
Brian York
 Bus 3
Kristi Jackson
 Bus 4
Angie Golia
 Bus 5
Phil Hester
 Bus 6
Kelley Pigg
 Bus 7
Natalie Gulley
 Bus 8
Brenda McTagertt
 Bus 9
Paul Davis
 Bus 10
Nancy Carr-Wright
 Bus 11
Angie Daugherty
 Bus 12
Abby Lawson
 Bus 13
April Bush
 Bus 14
Amber Bryant
 Bus 15
Nicci Thompson
 Bus 16
Tracie Minnick
 Bus 17
Tammy Pyle
 Bus 18
Shelley Hands
 Bus 19
Christy Williams
 Bus 26 : Preschool / Handicap
Kandance Stanton
 Bus 27 : Special Needs
Jessica Elkins
 Bus 31 : School for the Blind
Brenda McTagertt