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 Mrs. Angie Daugherty
Transportation Director
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Mr. Jason Thompson
Bus Maintenance 
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Activity Buses
Fountain Central offers activity buses to transport students back to our communities following their after-school activities. See below for details.
What:  Activity buses home from practices
Who:  All FC students involved in after-school activities
When:  Each weekday evening.  Bell rings at 5:30 - this signals that the bus will leave in 15 minutes (5:45).
No Cost:  Free, but school bus rules apply
Bus # 1 drop off locations
Methodist Church in Hillsboro
Post office in Wallace
Church in Kingman (by the grocery store)
Bus #6 drop off locations
Sterling Park
Post office in Veedersburg
Ceres lot in Stone Bluff
Post office in Newtown
Post office in Mellott